Power and Pitching


By Mackenzie Heizer

For female softball pitchers the majority of power is in our legs and our hips. If you do not use your legs while you are pitching, you are giving up a great deal of your potential power. Using your legs more during pitching will increase your speed.

Here are some tips to reinforce the use of your legs while pitching.

  1. Your back leg should be finishing your pitch at the same time your arm finishes. Your arm should be coming down at the same time you are dragging or pushing off with your back leg.
  2. You should stand tall and not bend over at the stomach when you finish your pitch. Bending over can interfere with your ability to use your legs.
  3. “Walking Through” your pitch by taking a few extra steps at the beginning of your motion can encourage the use of your legs.
  4. Pitching from a longer distance than the mound can also encourage you to use your legs. Pitching from long distances requires more strength and more push in order for you to reach your target.