Need For Speed is a progressive, periodized 12 week speed skills program designed to give your child that extra step on his/her competition. Odd weeks of the program will be based around linear speed development (sprinting in a straight line), whereas the even weeks of the program will focus more on multi directional speed development (change of direction, which is just as important as linear speed in all team sports).

With the combination of practicing linear AND multi directional speed development drills may very well be the difference between getting to that ground ball or not, between getting that shot off on target or not, between breaking up that touchdown pass or not. 99% of sports are games of inches, We can give your child the potential to move to that winning side of the inch.

Boys & Girls Ages, 10 to 16

Wednesdays 7:00pm – 8:00pm
April 11th – June 13th

Cost For 10 Sessions: $300