What’s Your Tape Game?


By Dom Darcangelo

There are a thousand different ways to get a perfect grip on the lacrosse stick. You can go with the classic lower-half wrap with the butt-end, or step up your game with a little crossing and a big tape knob on the end.

Much of what goes into taping your stick is your overall comfort with where your hands are when you’re passing and shooting. The pocket of the stick, the taping of the shaft, the head and shaft themselves– it all comes down to what feels the most comfortable.

I personally go with a big knob of tape on the butt-end about a half-inch up from the end of the shaft. This allows for the stick to feel a little shorter in my hands without exposing any potential area to be checked when wearing my gloves.

  1. I start with some pieces to cover the end of the shaft.
  2. From there, I put down a base and then build up the knob to about 3 centimeters in height and about 2 centimeters of an inch in width. This allows for the maximum grip between my fingers and in my palm when cranking back for a shot.
  3. From here, I like to start a twist up the shaft and end with three loops. These points work perfectly for a reference when catching, as well as for my bottom hand when I faceoff.
  4. I finish up with 2 loops right below the throat of the head. This gives me something to hold on to when losing the bottom hand and blowing past defenders behind the net.

The finished product works well for my game. I’d highly recommend trying out a couple different styles to find your preference.