Lacrosse Shooting: A Guide to Increased Shot Speed and a Quicker Release

By Dom Darcangelo, A-Game Sports Lacrosse Program Director

Think of a lever, we’re taught that a pivot point will help direct our shoot/pass at an early age, but as our shot selection becomes more advanced, so does our ability to create different leverage points to achieve the most extreme power and accuracy.

Let’s Start with the Basics

  1. Hands Should be Situated on the Stick About Shoulder Width Apart.
  2. Align the Top Hand with the Forehead.
  3. Place the Bottom Hand in Line with Your Chin.
  4. Snap the Bottom Hand to the Opposite Arm Elbow.
  5. Follow-Through with an Overhand Shot.

We create a snap by pulling our bottom hand to our opposite elbow. The shaft of the stick will drive downward and back while the top hand helps guide the head of the stick with the ball to the intended pocket of the goal.

Step It Up

  1. Get your Grip Down.
  2. Get Your Hands Out and Away from Your Body
  3. Get the Head of the Stick Behind Your Helmet
  4. Pull Back and Snap Our Wrists

Shot speed sees an immediate increase with the ability to cut through the air with the lacrosse stick at a more dominating speed. The whip of the wrists allows increased pressure to build within the pocket. The wrists will now dictate when the ball is released for preferred placement.

Getting Advanced

  1. Drop the Grip Down to Maximize Wrist Crank Potential
  2. Get the Head of the Stick Hidden Behind Your Helmet
  3. Get your Hands Back
  4. Get a Strong Step
  5. Twist Your Hips
  6. Drive the Head of the Stick Across Your Body to Your Opposite Foot

Start calling your placement and hold yourself accountable. Get better every day and continue to work hard.