Westchester Family: The Valuable Lessons and Benefits From COVID- 19 For Kids In Youth Sports


By Darin Feldman, Co-Founder

An excerpt from Westchester Family:

“No matter how much stress I was dealing with at work or in other aspects of my life, I have always felt at ease when I had the opportunity to watch my kids play sports. Seeing my children’s smiles of success and even their frowns from failure not only made me feel connected to them but also took me back to memories of my own childhood. It would be disingenuous to suggest that the primary reason I loved seeing my kids play youth sports was because of the life lessons it can teach. I simply just enjoyed watching them compete. However, youth sports absolutely can offer valuable life skills and teachable moments for kids and that should never be discounted as a reason for having your child be part of a team. Sadly, COVID- 19 has dramatically changed the landscape of youth sports programming this spring with tremendous uncertainty as to when kids will be able to compete with each other once again.”

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